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scenic vancouver

Ari is patrolling the streets of scenic Vancouver! Well, actually he's just going to visit Peter, but he's keeping an eye out for monsters along the way. It's a nice night, monsters like ruining that kind of thing. The streets are more or less deserted, it being 2:00 AM on a Tuesday. Ari whistles cheerfully.
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"So that's how that thing works," YHWH muses. (She considers lifting a coin of some denomination. At length, she decides against it. Having to cooperate with people is weird and uncomfortable.)

She fixes the headache. "Just outside the Nevernever, there's an endless sea of what the mortals call the Outsiders. They're powerful, they can pretty much ignore most magic, and looking directly at them for too long will make you go insane. I made this universe to have an obvious weak point, called the Outer Gates, so they'd focus their efforts to destroy everything there instead of just popping the universe like a bubble. Then I stationed an unbelievably massive army of faeries at the Gates and hoped they wouldn't be able to cooperate long enough to just punch through the tougher points and pour in. Which, fortunately, they aren't."
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"Okay..." says Corona. "And Lazarus got enough of a look kind of around them that targeting shouldn't be a problem... and no matter how badly I fuck up, there's still the admin."

The Joker-link conducts a brief consultation about this course of action. Nobody can think of a good reason not to do it.

Corona wishes on a tenner.

There are no more Outsiders.

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"That's it. They're just- gone. Everything I had bound up in, in maintenance, it's all back."

She starts chuckling, and it grows and grows until it's a full-blown cackle. At its peak, she vanishes with a crack of thunder.
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Corona relays this to the link, who in turn relay it to their respective audiences.

He waits a few seconds to see if she's going to come back and say anything else.
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A voice appears in his head. Can I have one of those coin things?
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"Hey, new world residents, what's your opinion on the general benevolence and trustworthiness of Headache Entity?"
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[I'm concerned about what she is possibly doing with the spare attention and power,] Angela puts in. [As excuses for being a god over an Earth in Sunshine-level condition go, "distracted by monsters" is close to acceptable, but it doesn't guarantee we'll approve the new direction.]
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Corona bounces the question about coins to the link to be reported on, and asks out loud, "What for?"
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[I'm likewise concerned about what she'd do with coins, although I suppose it's encouraging that she hasn't stolen any.]
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They're cool as shit and I really want to play with one.
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Corona bounces that too. "Seems like a good reason to me, but I'm asking my friends for advice first."
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[She didn't specify a denomination, but it's possible she could figure out minting in general with nothing more than a triangle, and obviously minting has capacities she didn't previously possess. What does she want?]
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"They're kind of worried about what you're gonna get up to with all your horrible monsters gone," he adds, "but I'm getting the sense it won't be anything too bad."
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Well, currently I'm in Acapulco having a drink and celebrating, you know, everything. Once that's done I'm probably going to go around eradicating all of the evil that accumulated while I was out. And putting Anduriel in an oubliette full of fire and filling his blood with ants and- doing things to Anduriel. He's a dick.
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"Filling his blood with ants?" giggles Corona, bouncing these assertions to the link. "What'd he do?"
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[...We vote no on helping her unless she can be calmed down on the ant blood business. And would like more details on the evil.]
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The things he's done would fill books. The ones you're likely to care about include genocide, attempting to end the world, countless cases of torture, rape, murder, brainwashing, transformation of innocents into horrible monsters... I could go on.

She pauses. And he betrayed me. Which is unforgivable.
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"Got it," says Corona. "My friends really aren't keen on helping you out if you're going to be filling people's blood with ants, though, even total assholes. And they're a little worried about exactly what you mean by eradicating evil."
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She reappears in person, a lei around her neck and a coconut shell in her hand. "I'll destroy the things that are evil. Demons, vampires, predatory faeries, etcetera. What exactly is difficult to understand about that?"

She takes a sip. "And my revenge on Anduriel is non-negotiable. If you attempt to stop me, you will fail."
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"I'm not gonna try to stop you," says Corona, relaying these new developments to the link. "I don't know shit about your world, do you actually have a bunch of species that are nothing but evil? Most of that type of thing we've found in the rest of the multiverse has an exception or two."
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"I mean, they don't have souls. There might be a couple who mutated in such a way that their essential purpose isn't horrible, but I wouldn't bank on it. And without souls they can't change or be cured or whatever you'd do instead of killing them."
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"Really? What are souls like around here?" he asks. The link continues relaying the conversation to interested parties.
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"Well, you've got one. I don't, but my essential purpose is complex enough that it doesn't matter for practical purposes. Souls are what let you mortals just sort of- exist, without being anything. You're not defined by the need to make shoes or eat people or murder lost children or something, you just sort of... happen. Anything without a soul does what it was made to do, and everything else is secondary."
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"Huh," says Corona. "Could somebody give them souls? With, you know, shitloads of shiny magic?"

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