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scenic vancouver

Ari is patrolling the streets of scenic Vancouver! Well, actually he's just going to visit Peter, but he's keeping an eye out for monsters along the way. It's a nice night, monsters like ruining that kind of thing. The streets are more or less deserted, it being 2:00 AM on a Tuesday. Ari whistles cheerfully.
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[...We vote no on helping her unless she can be calmed down on the ant blood business. And would like more details on the evil.]
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The things he's done would fill books. The ones you're likely to care about include genocide, attempting to end the world, countless cases of torture, rape, murder, brainwashing, transformation of innocents into horrible monsters... I could go on.

She pauses. And he betrayed me. Which is unforgivable.
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"Got it," says Corona. "My friends really aren't keen on helping you out if you're going to be filling people's blood with ants, though, even total assholes. And they're a little worried about exactly what you mean by eradicating evil."
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She reappears in person, a lei around her neck and a coconut shell in her hand. "I'll destroy the things that are evil. Demons, vampires, predatory faeries, etcetera. What exactly is difficult to understand about that?"

She takes a sip. "And my revenge on Anduriel is non-negotiable. If you attempt to stop me, you will fail."
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"I'm not gonna try to stop you," says Corona, relaying these new developments to the link. "I don't know shit about your world, do you actually have a bunch of species that are nothing but evil? Most of that type of thing we've found in the rest of the multiverse has an exception or two."
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"I mean, they don't have souls. There might be a couple who mutated in such a way that their essential purpose isn't horrible, but I wouldn't bank on it. And without souls they can't change or be cured or whatever you'd do instead of killing them."
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"Really? What are souls like around here?" he asks. The link continues relaying the conversation to interested parties.
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"Well, you've got one. I don't, but my essential purpose is complex enough that it doesn't matter for practical purposes. Souls are what let you mortals just sort of- exist, without being anything. You're not defined by the need to make shoes or eat people or murder lost children or something, you just sort of... happen. Anything without a soul does what it was made to do, and everything else is secondary."
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"Huh," says Corona. "Could somebody give them souls? With, you know, shitloads of shiny magic?"
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"Ew. That's weird. You could do that, but like. Why do you want to do that."
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"Well, some of them might think it was a better deal than dying," he suggests.
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"Yeah, a lifetime of agonizing doubt without the clarity afforded by their essential natures sounds so much better than painlessly ceasing to exist. They aren't made to be- fluttering about in the wind like you are. If I was a nixie and you excised my desire to drown wayward children I'd take a nail gun to my jugular."
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Corona shrugs. "Still seems like it might be worth offering."
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"You can offer, but no one will thank you."
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"Not even as an alternative to being obliterated? Wow, these people must really not want souls."
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"It'd be like instantly going from two dimensions to three and not having any idea how to deal with them. And feeling crippling guilt about all of the horrible things you've done over three thousand years of absolute knowledge that what you were doing was right. And 90% of your friends are dead. Oblivion is a fucking cakewalk."
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"Okay then," he says. It's not like they can't just wake up all the obliterated evil individually and ask them their soul-related preferences after the admin collects them. Does not seem worth arguing with the god over, unless his audience has different opinions.
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His audience would like to double-check that none of these people have friends not slated for destruction who might miss them. Elsewise the low-conflict solution of pulling the obliterated creatures from Downside and applying creativity without going through God seems good to them.
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Corona suspects God will have no idea and not be especially interested in finding out, but figures it's worth asking. "Except, I guess, if any of them have friends who aren't evil," he says. "Then it would kind of suck for the friends."
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"...I guess it's possible? But the things I'd be destroying are the things that are essentially purpose-made for killing anything with a soul. You can check the species for mutations that'd make them less evil, if you like, I'll delay this until you're comfortable letting me stop them from devouring more innocents with every passing moment."
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He shrugs. "I wouldn't know how. You could maybe check before you get with the obliterating, though."
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"Ugh. Fine. I just thought the onus should fall on the moralists, especially considering your shiny alien magic, but I guess it's my job now."

She concentrates for a few minutes, sorting through all of the malevolent soulless looking for those who should be spared.

At length, she looks up. "All I found was a vampire who thinks he's some kind of superhero and a cabal of demons who deliver groceries in exchange for pixie dust instead of murdering people. And there's a bunch of them who fit themselves into human society, and some of them have 'friends', but they're just saving them up to eat later. Can I make with the cleansing now?"
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